Risk Management

Risk management is dealing in a scientific way with pure risks by anticipating possible accidental losses and designing and implementing procedures that minimise the occurrence of loss or the financial impact of the losses that do occur.


As part of our ongoing continuous improvement, risk management has become a vital and key process. This involves assessing and quantifying business risks, then taking measures to control or reduce them. Our risk management forms part of the compliance function including assessment of all organizations we deal with.

These assessments by the organisation are there to develop a practical tool to understand what hazards are, and how and when hazards may become risks to Dutton Plastics Engineering or its customers.

These assessments also give an understanding to the significance of changes in our work environment and how they may impact on our employees and their colleagues.

There are four distinct categories which Dutton Assesses in terms of Risk management:

  • Employer - to provide suitable & sufficient resources
  • Management - to ensure they have an influence on how the resources are to be deployed
  • Employees - to ensure aadherence to the systems, procedures and utilize the resources effectively
  • Supplier - to provide the needed resources or products in accordance with financial and national legislation
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