Quality Assurance & Control

Quality Control and Technical Support

The Quality Control Department is responsible for the inspection of incoming goods, in-process testing and for finished goods inspection. This is done to ensure the maintenance of quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.

In-process Testing Toilet Spares
In coming goods and In-process testing
Various gauges are used to ensure that all products are tested during production.
Qulity Control Inspector
Quality control inspector - testing packaging caps with gauge to ensure proper fit.
Toilet Supplies Inline Test
Other inline tests include flow testing with use of a flow meter to ensure consistent flow of aerosol caps and actuators. Finished goods inspection and testing
Toilet Curing Testing
Curing Tests

These tests involve: Curing tests with the use of a temperature controlled heat bath with pigmentation
Volumetric Water Flow
Volumetric and Water Flow Tests

With a recently refurbished laboratory DPE is capable of flow meter testing.
Toilet Cycle Testing
Cycle Testing

We conduct cycle tests to ensure our products will not fail when in the market or in your home.
Force Gauge Measurement
Force Gauge Measurements

Force gauge testing - to ensure pull and push force measurement for all caps.


All material is identified to ensure trace- ability and to ensure that the status of any product or material is easily established. DPE products and services are identified and monitored to ensure that they conform to specifications and customer requirements.

Raw Material and Component Suppliers

DPE sources raw materials from internationally and local reputable suppliers. All component suppliers must conform to at least ISO standards of quality.

Each one of our suppliers is audited by DPE at least every 5 years to ensure that our suppliers are complying to local legislation as a minimum requirement.

Procedures and Testing Details

In accordance with our Company Policy and vision, it is DPE's stated intention to procure materials, produce products and provide a service to our customers, which meets their requirements, and expectations.

All details and procedures are documented, and regularly reviewed to ensure adequacy, suitability and effectiveness, and thus ensuring full optimisation and utilisation of our assets.

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