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Supa Flush Lite Outlet Valve


This valve was designed to offer an interruptable flush for household and commercial application.

The Supa Flush Lite allows the user to use the exact amount of water required to remove waste from the pan.

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supa flush lite outlet valve
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Dutton Plastics Engineering Building & Team

Dutton Plastics Engineering

Dutton Plastics Engineering is a Plastics injection molding company manufacturing plumbing / sanitation products for the plumbing / building Industry & packaging products for the aerosol industry.

Over the years that followed DPE grew from strength to strength and in 1987 we became part of the Zimco Group of Companies, who are South Africa's leading producer of Industrial and Base minerals, a major producer and supplier of Zinc, Lead, Aluminium Metal and Alloys, related chemicals and engineering plastics.

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