1 MILLION Consecutive man hours without lost-time accident (LTI)?

safe for life

A challenging journey for Dutton Plastics Engineering, On April 5, 2012, Dutton Plastics Engineering accomplished the safety goal of working one million hours without a lost time accident. 1,000,000 is the equivalent of 80 individuals working safely for 7 years. "Safety is our top priority and this is a significant achievement for our people and the company"

"The achievement of this Safety milestone is credited to all involved. The stringent controls in Dutton Plastics Engineering working environment and a high expectation for Safety on the site has called for the continuous emphasis and relentless drive by the staff, supervision and workers combined to ensure the safety of all DPE employees on the site, as well as the end user personnel,"

"We are very pleased to announce this achievement and very proud of the dedication shown by all DPE management, staff and workforce on the site in reaching such a commendable Milestone in Safe Work Practices.

"I am sure that everyone on site will continue with their commitment to safety and we look forward to announcing another 1 million hours completion milestone without any LTI", Juan Muller, Divisional Managing Director said.

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